Child Support



California Child Support Law:

1) How is child support determined?

The vast majority of child support is paid under the Child Support Guideline. The guideline is based on a complicated mathematical formula. In fact, computer programs must be used to calculate child support under the guideline.

2) How long is child support supposed to be paid?

Child support must be paid until the child becomes 18, unless the child has not graduated from high school, in which case the child support continues until the child has graduated high school or becomes 19, which ever occurs first.

Presently, the law doe s not give judges the power to make a parent support a child beyond the age of 19, unless the child is physically or mentally disabled.  However, the parents can agree that child support is to continue into the college years, and such an agreement will be enforced by the Family Law Court.

3) How is child support supposed to be paid?

The custodial parent has the right to require all child support to be paid by a wage assignment.  This means that the child support payments are to be deducted from the wages of the parent wh o is obligated to pay child support. The money is then sent to the State Disbursement Unit who then issues a check to the custodial parent.  Frequently the custodial parent will require support to be paid by wage assignment provided that the direct payment is made timely.