As much as anyone can enjoy needing an attorney I’ve truly enjoyed working with both Mark and Jon. They are very honest, professional, straightforward and a pleasure to work with. They are truly interested in making certain that their client’s needs are fully met, helping them all along the process. They are very accessible and always there to address any issues by telephone, email or personal appointments, if necessary. If you want someone who will be there to make things as painless and cost effective as possible, you want Lydell and Lydell.

We finally did it, got our Living Trust done and with the help from Mark.  He made this totally painless and what a friendly and thought provoking man.  Mark made the making of our living trust easy and all was done in a timely manner.  Even though we do not live in the area, the communication between us was effortless. Thanks Mark for all your help.

After 5+ years of being told to sit on my hands and do nothing in regards to my child custody situation from other attorneys  is when Jon Lydell was brought up in conversation with a friend. I was told that he was a strong Christian, an elder in his church, and a bulldog in the courtroom. That’s exactly what I needed. A bulldog! Someone, who wouldn’t back down, and stop fighting, for me, when my daughter, and I needed it.
I met with Jon, and explained my situation, to which he completely agreed with my reasoning for needing full custody of my daughter. All said and done we got exactly what we set out to accomplish. Parental Rights were terminated. What I thought was impossible, even with such a strong case Jon believed with confidence that we would succeed, and he was right.
During the process he was professional, focused, brutally honest (when needed), and confident. He’s experienced, knowledgeable, strategic, and passionate about the cases he takes on. I strongly recommend Jon Lydell to anyone who needs legal representation. Thank you Jon, and shout out to Katie, for being knowledgeable and passionate in regards to my case as well.

My wife and I met Mark Lydell as witnesses to the signing of a trust document.   Mark surprised us in that he was not the stereotypical attorney. He had a sense of humor as well as being extremely knowledgeable.  This meeting forced us to revisit our own trust, realizing that it was out of date.  Mark did an excellent job revising our trust, offering valuable input to our major areas of concern.  We are very pleased with the final trust.  We would recommend Mark to anyone needing the services of an attorney.
Bill and Char

Mark Lydell literally saved our lives. My partner was going through a divorce and the other attorney was not getting the job done. Almost three years had gone by since the start of the divorce. I met with Mark and he was very professional and actually listened to what I had to say. He was very intuitive, resourceful, knowledgeable, and informative. The day he took our case he went forward and got the divorce wrapped up in a few months. I would recommend Mark to anyone who asks me if I know an attorney. I can finally say that I know of a great attorney!!

It was a pleasure working with Mark. He was extremely detailed and efficient. I knew if I asked him about something, he didn’t hesitate to do the research and get back to me in a timely manner and I didn’t have to follow up with him, he would get back to me promptly. He listened carefully to what I was requesting and confirmed with me what he heard me say. Then he followed up with an email. He was always very patient when I didn’t understand something, which was very comforting.
I would highly recommend him to anyone needing any legal assistance. He is also, “honest as the day is long!”  Much success and blessings to you Mark!

I had the opportunity to use the legal services of Lydell and Lyell for estate planning and other services. I found them to be both professional and efficient; the papers were prepared and executed  with care and forethought.  I would definitely recommend consulting them for any legal services in family law or estate planning.

Mark’s been incredibly helpful and down-to-earth (I appreciate a professional who can keep things simple) in helping us make some changes, updates, and additions to our family trust.  He’s respectful of my time, and responds to my email questions faster than is ever expected.

I refer Jon and Mark’s legal and affordable services to my friends and colleagues. The feedback I get from my referrals has been positive.
Lydell and Lydell Attorneys at Law are the most down-to-earth attorneys I’ve worked with. I highly recommend them for family and estate planning law. They are prompt and courteous. They both delivered what I asked for at different times during the past 18-years. I felt legally protected each time.
Jon and Mark interpret the law and present it in a simple comprehensive manner for me, a non-legal person.
These are my go-to guys that I rely on for legal advice and processes. Mark thoroughly processed and explained my estate planning legal concerns and issues while preparing a will and trust. Jon represented and protected my interest during a contentious family law episode in and outside the family court drama, yet Jon minimized the drama for my interest.

We needed to have our will and living trust brought up to date.  The finished product that Mark presented us made us realize just how much we needed the new trust.  There was no comparison between our first trust and our new trust.  The one prepared by Mark is concise, professional and covered everything that our financial advisor requested be in the new trust.  I will recommend Mark to all my family and friends for estate planning.

I was nervous about starting the process of finding a divorce lawyer because you want someone that will listen to your side of the story and fight for your rights. With a great referral from my mothers friend, I called the office of Lydell and Lydell. I was hoping to get an appointment in a week or two, but they had an available meeting the next day. I was shocked to get in so fast.  I met with Jon that following day at noon and right away I got a safe feeling about him. I knew he cared about my case the minute I sat down. I’m not good at pointing out all the right details when I first meet someone, especially a lawyer. Your nerves can get in the way. Not so with Jon. I was comfortable to tell him “my story” and he asked all the right questions. I’m still telling my story because not everything is finalized. Emailing is the best source of communication. I highly recommend asking lots of questions. Don’t assume. You won’t get what you want if you don’t let them know what it is you are after.

My husband went through a difficult divorce with children involved.  Jon is an honest attorney who taught my husband and I how to examine our situation by looking at the “cost benefit analysis”.  It seems like plenty of attorneys & lawyers out there are just interested in winning cases and making money.  Jon helped us see our longterm goals and worked with us in a smart & sensible way to get what we wanted in the end.  Jon is a family man himself and understands how important other people’s families and children are to them.  In our situation I didn’t feel like Jon judged us but instead got to know us as people and helped us along our difficult and long judicial road.  We continue to retain Jon for our family court obstacles that unfortunately still pop up now and again.

Mark Lydell assisted my husband and I on our estate planning needs. His guidance and expertise throughout the process was invaluable. Our documents were in perfect order and complete on time (early in fact). In addition, there were extra details that Mark provided such as Document Storage Tips for Estate Planning documents that provided suggestions I would not have considered of on my own. Our experience from start to end was A+, and perhaps most importantly we now have peace of mind knowing we have a solid estate plan in place that covers our loved ones which is priceless.Thank you, Mark.

Mark helped our family update our Living Trust recently and was a wealth of knowledge, and gave us very practical steps to help us make sure our assets and wishes for our children would be protected. Mark did an excellent job of presenting us with multiple options that would meet our family’s situation and our budget. Mark’s attention to detail, thoroughness and promptness were amazing!
I appreciate everything he has done to keep us informed and our family taken care of. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND using his office for your estate planning needs.

I just wanted to let you know what a joy it was working with you as my lawyer during this stressful experience. Divorce is not easy, and would be best avoided at all costs, but when it happens it is nice to have someone like you who is a support an an anchor in the hard times. You not only took care of me legally, you also always took time to ask how I was doing and cared enough to listen (and pray with me).
Thank you for your sage advice each time I came to you. I appreciate having you as my lawyer. I have already recommended you to a few of my friends.

Jon is an excellent family law attorney, who really cares about his client. My wife and I had a very long custody case with her ex-husband over my step-daughter. Jon took on our case after we had many problems with our previous attorney and really took us under his wing. He genuinely cared about helping us to come to a great place after we thought all was lost. He truly is a diamond in his profession with his client’s needs and concerns at the foremost of his concerns.

When choices hit you head on, the biggest fear of all can be how to protect your children and help them… Six years ago I had to pick up the pieces of my family’s shattered life. I found Jon Lydell. His legal help and guidance through the Sacramento Superior Court System helped my children be who they are today. Who would have ever known that my own husband would try to take everything from me? Thanks to Jon and his unyielding concern and ability within the process, the children and I go the breaks we needed to live a better life. Thanks, Jon
Signed… a mother no longer in peril.

The help Jon provided for me was great from a legal standpoint, but even greater from a healing standpoint. He talked with both me and my former spouse about the settlement in terms of the then present and also, very importantly about the future. she and I are grateful that we took Jon’s counsel.

You can really rely on this firms professionalism, competency and attention to detail. No matter what situation came up they dealt with right away and I felt I had the best lawyers representing me. They really made the whole Bankruptcy process straightforward and affordable.