Child Custody & Visitation Disputes

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This can be the most emotional part of any case. The issues are:

  • Legal Custody

  • Physical Custody

  • Parenting Schedule

Legal Custody is the ability to make decisions about the child’s medical, educational and welfare issues. This will be either Joint or Sole Legal Custody.

Physical Custody is who has the child’s body. Once again, this will be either Joint or Sole Physical Custody.

The parenting schedule is where the “rubber hits the road” on these child issues, and is usually composed of a school schedule, a vacation schedule and a holiday schedule. It is critical to make sure that these work well as a package.

It is important to understand that a permanent schedule will flow out of the temporary schedule, which will usually flow out of what the status quo has been since separation. In other words, beginnings are important, as they are in other area of your life.