Grandparent Rights



Grandparents rights

Current law does allow Grandparents some rights. But there are significant procedural and factual hurdles that you must meet. California has specific statutes regarding grandparent rights in Family Code Sections 3100 to 3105.

This essentially is a fight for time with the grandkids with the grandparents own children. The result may be that the relationship between parent and grandparent is greatly strained.

However, in some cases the grandparents and parents are already estranged. As a result, the grandparents who had a good relationship with the grandchildren now don’t have any contact with them at all and it would be in the children’s best interest to maintain their relationship with their grandparents.

At the other end of the spectrum are grandparents who don’t have any relationship with the children, or grandparents who have significant deficits in parenting or who are a danger to the children.

It is critical to evaluate all of your options before litigation in this arena is raised.