Why Choose Us


California has over 180,000 attorneys! Why do we believe you should come meet with us to help you with your legal needs? Here is our list of reasons why we think Lydell & Lydell are the right attorneys for you.

We emphasize a team approach, where we work with you as well as for you.
When we think team, we aren’t just referring to our legal team, but you. That’s because you are an important part of the team. While we are handling the legal aspects of your case, this is your life, and no one knows you and your case like you do. Your input will always be valued.

We will listen to you to understand your goals.
You have a reason you want to see an attorney, and we want to listen to what you want to accomplish to counsel you on the best way to get there.

We will help you feel safe and protected while guiding you through your case.
Litigation can be scary, and having someone in your corner is a big deal. Sometimes getting to use the magic phrase “call my attorney” can be very helpful when dealing with the other side in stressful situations you would rather not handle yourself.

We are fanatics about returning phone calls and emails (relatively) quickly.
Unfortunately, the complaint logs of all lawyer regulatory groups indicate that many lawyers are terrible communicators with their clients. If, every time you have a problem, there’s a delay of several days before you hear from your lawyer, you’ll lose precious time, not to mention sleep.

Nothing is more aggravating than retaining an attorney and then have time go by where it feels like nothing is happening. We know that while attorneys like to admire all the papers and documents we are creating, you want to have answers to your questions. We know how important it is for you to hear back from us. Our goal is to return all phone calls or respond to an email within one business day. We also include you in all emails so you are in the loop on what is happening with your case.

We have decades of experience.
Jon & Mark have over 40 years combined experience as attorneys, and we use that to your advantage. We regularly discuss our cases with each other to discuss issues and learn from our collective experience.

We are very practical, looking for practical real world rather than theoretical solutions.
We don’t think that the solution to every problem is to litigate.  We take our roles as attorney AND counselor serious. You are best served when we advise you of all your options, helping you decide when and where to put your legal fees to their best use. Sometimes that means we will counsel you which battles to fight, and which ones are not in your best interest to pursue.

We won’t make you feel short.
If you want to feel good about yourself, we know that being taller than your attorney often helps.