Why You Need The Right Attorney For Estate Planning

Keys for Selecting An Estate Planning Attorney

Estate Planning in most instances is very complicated and so many Attorneys who do not have extensive experience or training in Estate Planning do not perform such work because of its complexity. Estate and trust law requires knowledge of other fields of law such as corporate and insurance law. The attorney plays a key role in the estate planning process because he/she is responsible for drafting legal documents such as a wills and trusts agreement. The wrong phrase, even a word in the wrong place, may later be the basis for a will contest or claim for additional taxes. Yet, the estate planning attorney must be sure that the your wishes are properly and completely expressed in all legal documents. That is why it is vital that these documents be drafted by an Estate Planning Attorney who has training and experience in Estate Planning – not just an attorney who prepares Estate Planning documents as one of many areas of practice. If you attempt to accomplish your own Estate Planning with self-help books and literature or software, you are taking the risk of making mistakes which could have serious consequences.

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